Keep Your Customers

Ever watch something slide down a bathroom drain? Depending on the value of the item, and whether it’s retrievable, it can be alarming. For a business, watching customers slide away is equally frightening given how tough it can be to replace them.

Unfortunately, by the time most companies realize a customer has reached an inactive state it may be too late to save the relationship. Having an ongoing process for strengthening ties with buyers will likely reduce the number of customers who walk out the door.

Stay Connected

With email, SMS, online meetings, direct mail, live chat, social networking groups, and good ol’ Ma Bell (so to speak) at your disposal, there are a variety of ways to keep in touch with your customers.

If you don't have a plan for staying connected—or your current approach isn't effective—let's map out and implement one that is. Your success depends on it.


Engage & Converse

You’re together. Online or in person, you need to make the most of these opportunities. Polite, superficial chatter won’t cut it. This is your time to ask questions, to make your exchanges worthwhile. Look for takeaways from these experiences that will influence and help you reshape how you interact and treat your customers going forward.


Educate & Awe

Imagine developing a collection of resources dedicated to improving the professional/personal welfare of your audience. Whether you then gift or sell these assets, properly executed, they should elicit a resounding “Wow!” from the lion’s share of recipients.

The presentation of helpful, valuable information will always place your organization in a positive light. The key to capitalizing on this experience? Keep it coming at regular intervals, in whatever formats prove to work best.