Transform Operations

Many companies are facing limited growth, missed opportunities, higher selling costs, and misaligned teams. These issues have largely been attributed to relying on older organizational systems.

Efforts to transform these challenges are commonly described as Revenue Operations, or RevOps. In simple terms, it means that the company operates more effectively and efficiently, drives more revenue, and delivers a better experience for customers when everyone and everything —people, processes, systems, strategies and goals—are in sync. The driver of this concept? Technology.

Scrub & Segment Data

For many organizations, contact records are like a junk drawer that seems impossible to keep clean or organized. The “drawer” may include Google Sheets with inquiries from a campaign two years ago. Lists from your previous CRM. Downloads from your Email Service Provider. And Outlook address books of your sales team.

It’s a big job to scrub your data, but the longer you wait, the bigger it will be. Once every contact is correctly “put away” in your CRM, though, you can stop watering down your marketing messages and send your customers and prospects information based on their needs and interests.

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Streamline Your SaaS

It happened gradually. You subscribed to an email service to “blast” customers with news. When you began to host events, you added tools to gather registrants’ data and collect feedback. When you could no longer stand the inefficiency of sending Word docs, you got an app for creating proposals. You added live chat to your site to be more accessible. You even added SMS software along the way to notify buyers when shipments were en route.

The challenge? The discovery that your platforms don’t "talk" to each other, which means you have to use a dashboard for each one. 


Set Up CRM Integrations

At the hub of your company is (or should be) the mother ship—the CRM that manages your interactions with customers and prospects.

But if you have not integrated your SaaS stack with your CRM (e.g., HubSpot), you are unwittingly throwing away an indeterminate amount of money and team members’ time on an ongoing basis.

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